Saturday, September 24, 2016

How to write blog article without grammar mistake

I research for the blog from 5 years and I read many times blogger didn't write an article without grammar mistake and finally, his blogging career ends. my English grammar is also very weak, I want to tell you I don't speak English.

Write an article for your blog is very tough for who don't know English grammar very well if you write an article without any mistake audience fell like branded. easy to read and mistake free. I suggest you some trick to avoid English grammar mistakes. mostly blogger use Grammarly to make mistake free blog to make audience feeling very comfortable and better for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

you can see image below, in this post I write many grammar & spelling mistake.

You can see I got 20 mistakes in this post. Now you see get no mistake in this post in this image below.

This is the too good trick to writing without grammar mistake. I want to say thank you to these people who create this powerful tool, this tool name is Grammarly.

Grammarly is a free tool, this is use by many bloggers. you can also use this tools for Microsoft office and WordPress plugin is also available. Grammarly's is easy to use, anyone can use this. now I tell you how to use:

first, go to click on apps and select Grammarly for chrome and install.

the second step is now going to login button if you don't have one click on register button now you can use this tools, once you registered now can use Grammarly.

I am impressed by this tools now I suggest to everyone to use this tools. these tools work automatic without any tension on your mind. One More thing you can store documents on Grammarly online and edit documents online. One important thing Grammarly work only online not offline. You can see my Google Chrome Extension List where Grammarly installed.

Only Grammarly is not available on the internet, Many alternative Available here.

I want to say thank you Grammarly because you make me mistake free if you don't I never written any article in English

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