Wednesday, September 28, 2016 (Blogspot) Vs. - Which one is better?

Hi Guys, when I come to write a blog I got many options to create a blog, when I see these options I am very confused that which option is better for me this problem is facing with every newbie who wants to start a blog.

Blogger is also known as Blogspot.

  • Joomla
  • Rooler
  • ...And much more.

I noted Blogger and are most popular. We will describe all the comparison between Blogger and, after reading the following differences between Blogger vs post you can make the best decision which blogging platform is better for you and start blogging. I want to tell you clearly that this compression is between Blogger and, not ( Vs, (

Blogger blog is a subdomain of ( Domain name:, Sub Domain name:

Blogger is a fully maintained by google, this is a brand of google.

Blogger is completely free to use.

You can use without knowing coding and server knowledge.

This is the best option for a beginner who doesn't want to invest money in his startup.

This is simple to use and control blog.

Blogger is a product of Google so you do not need a third party security for your blog.

You don't have any control on blog server because this is a hosted blog not self-hosted so you can concentrate on writing a blog.

you can add the custom domain ( any time simply. you can also search it on google to know more about this.

You cannot pay for hosting it means you can save big money.

nobody takes you serious

you customise template limited

Blogger is for only people who want to share their personal stories not for living.

The first is very important to know is it is not free.

If you want to decide to start a blog with then you buy some necessary thing which is the following.

  • Buy a custom domain name ( their cost is $10/annum
  • Buy a Web Hosting their cost is minimum $10/month
Need a knowledge of coding, database, and server is an open source platform, Mostly Website developers use to develop his client website.

you can manage everything in your blog

you can customise everything in your template

with WordPress, you can use it for the living, many bloggers use for living there are following blogs.
  • shout me loud
  • ...and much more

Now I think you clearly understand the difference between and

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