Wednesday, September 28, 2016 (Blogspot) Vs. - Which one is better?

Hi Guys, when I come to write a blog I got many options to create a blog, when I see these options I am very confused that which option is better for me this problem is facing with every newbie who wants to start a blog.

Blogger is also known as Blogspot.

  • Joomla
  • Rooler
  • ...And much more.

I noted Blogger and are most popular. We will describe all the comparison between Blogger and, after reading the following differences between Blogger vs post you can make the best decision which blogging platform is better for you and start blogging. I want to tell you clearly that this compression is between Blogger and, not ( Vs, (

Blogger blog is a subdomain of ( Domain name:, Sub Domain name:

Blogger is a fully maintained by google, this is a brand of google.

Blogger is completely free to use.

You can use without knowing coding and server knowledge.

This is the best option for a beginner who doesn't want to invest money in his startup.

This is simple to use and control blog.

Blogger is a product of Google so you do not need a third party security for your blog.

You don't have any control on blog server because this is a hosted blog not self-hosted so you can concentrate on writing a blog.

you can add the custom domain ( any time simply. you can also search it on google to know more about this.

You cannot pay for hosting it means you can save big money.

nobody takes you serious

you customise template limited

Blogger is for only people who want to share their personal stories not for living.

The first is very important to know is it is not free.

If you want to decide to start a blog with then you buy some necessary thing which is the following.

  • Buy a custom domain name ( their cost is $10/annum
  • Buy a Web Hosting their cost is minimum $10/month
Need a knowledge of coding, database, and server is an open source platform, Mostly Website developers use to develop his client website.

you can manage everything in your blog

you can customise everything in your template

with WordPress, you can use it for the living, many bloggers use for living there are following blogs.
  • shout me loud
  • ...and much more

Now I think you clearly understand the difference between and

Saturday, September 24, 2016

How to write blog article without grammar mistake

I research for the blog from 5 years and I read many times blogger didn't write an article without grammar mistake and finally, his blogging career ends. my English grammar is also very weak, I want to tell you I don't speak English.

Write an article for your blog is very tough for who don't know English grammar very well if you write an article without any mistake audience fell like branded. easy to read and mistake free. I suggest you some trick to avoid English grammar mistakes. mostly blogger use Grammarly to make mistake free blog to make audience feeling very comfortable and better for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

you can see image below, in this post I write many grammar & spelling mistake.

You can see I got 20 mistakes in this post. Now you see get no mistake in this post in this image below.

This is the too good trick to writing without grammar mistake. I want to say thank you to these people who create this powerful tool, this tool name is Grammarly.

Grammarly is a free tool, this is use by many bloggers. you can also use this tools for Microsoft office and WordPress plugin is also available. Grammarly's is easy to use, anyone can use this. now I tell you how to use:

first, go to click on apps and select Grammarly for chrome and install.

the second step is now going to login button if you don't have one click on register button now you can use this tools, once you registered now can use Grammarly.

I am impressed by this tools now I suggest to everyone to use this tools. these tools work automatic without any tension on your mind. One More thing you can store documents on Grammarly online and edit documents online. One important thing Grammarly work only online not offline. You can see my Google Chrome Extension List where Grammarly installed.

Only Grammarly is not available on the internet, Many alternative Available here.

I want to say thank you Grammarly because you make me mistake free if you don't I never written any article in English

Friday, September 23, 2016

How to setup a free blog on the blogspot for free

Hi, my name is Siddharth Shankar. My English grammar is too weak so ignore them.
I make many blogs from April 2012 but all are unsuccessful Because all have copyright content. I pay $55/monts for them. there is a list of my past blogs.


Now I decide to write something new and unique content for my blog. This my first post on this blog. I don't know well about a blog but one thing everyone knows having a blog is a great thing because you can share it anything for other and help him and also you can earn the huge money from your blog.

There are many options to create a blog but Blogspot is best option to create a free blog without investing money, There is one more best option to create free blog WordPress. Many top rank blog created from WordPress.

One more thing to know about Blogspot it does not have any limitation. for a beginner, it is best option to create a blog.

This post is only for who people want to create the own blog and write something about him and any other subjects.

This is the first step to creating a blog on Blogspot, Go to then log in from your Gmail account, you don't have one? you can create Gmail account for free. once you logged in click on new blog.

The first thing is Name your blog, chose the name for your blog, that days this is too tough to select a name from your choice for your blog, Use some unique name.

The second step is select a template design for your blog, all template are free to use and you can also change the template design and customize them.

Now your blog is created but not done because you don't write any post on your blog.

Go to "Post" then "New post" and write something new or Unique content for feature Adsense Approval.

Blogspot is the best option for a beginner who doesn't want to invest money for this. You also add the custom domain name in Blogspot like , this not tough task to add your domain name in Blogspot blog, also use custom template design.

In this post, I write with very bad English mistake and grammar but one thing helps me a lot to write this post to help grammar and spelling mistake, we write about in this blog after some time.

Thanks for reading this post.